The Abilitech Assist device, launching in 2020, is a one-of-a-kind wearable assistive device that supports patients with upper-limb weakness or injury to perform independent activities of daily living. The low-profile, custom-calibrated device enables patients to use their own strength for movement of the arms.



Dr. Mark Gormley

Associate Medical Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

"I believe in the transformative potential of assistive devices that facilitate functional gains and therapeutic benefits.”


Marny Farrell

Director of Rehabilitation, Regions Hospital 

"Watching a patient progress into doing more on their own is an amazing and empowering thing"



Everyday people who do and overcome the extraordinary. To many, these individuals are spouses, colleagues, teachers, parents, siblings and friends. To us, they are heroes.



Abilitech Medical is committed to clinical research and developing clinical evidence, in collaboration with medical professionals, researchers and industry groups, to support the use of our products and improve the quality of life for patients with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions.


  • Schulze Multi-Center Muscular Dystrophy Ability Study

    • The Schulze Multi-Center Muscular Dystrophy Ability Study is a clinical study that will be conducted at the University of Minnesota and Gillette Children’s Hospital. The study will enroll patients with Muscular Dystrophy with the objective to measure how the Abilitech Assist device can help them complete activities of daily living and impact their quality of life.


Improving the lives of people in the United States affected by neuromuscular conditions.

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Dr Leah Hanson

The #AbilitechHero of the week is Dr. Leah Hanson of HealthPartners! Dr. Hanson is a leader in the field of neurodegenerative disorders. Her guidance throughout our grant process has been incredible and we know her continued research will be a great resource to us at Abilitech and to many others– you are a hero!

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