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Dr. Mark Gormley, the Associate Medical Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Gillette Children's, sees patients living with upper limb neuromuscular conditions every day that could benefit from the Abilitech Assist device. “Since there are very few devices currently on the market that can change the individual's ability to perform activities of daily living, this product has the potential to transform the lives of individuals living with upper limb neuromuscular conditions, giving them the opportunity to improve their quality of life."


Additionally, the Abilitech Assist device can have an economic impact on patients and their families. “Patients with neuromuscular conditions have historically relied on a family member or some other caregiver to help feed and care for them. If there is not a family member who can care for the patient, the costs can be astronomical,” states Dr. Gormley. A personal care attendant averages $30,000 per year for eight hours a day and a nursing home averages $82,000 per year. Dr. Gormley adds, “Beyond the economic impact, the personal satisfaction and joy a patient has in regaining some level of independence is invaluable.”

~ Dr. Gormley



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My name is Dr. Hany Samir, I’m a cardiovascular anesthesiologist. I had the unfortunate luck of having a massive stroke in January of 2017. After my Stroke, I went through a long phase of rehab and can ambulate, but I lost the function of my left arm. This left me disabled and unable to practice in the profession that I live for and love.


My dream is to be able to use my arm again, make things easier for my wife, and go back to the profession I love and live for.


I want to be able to take care of patients again and do transplant surgery and LVADs- that is my passion. If I can do that - I can regain my life again. 


That is a dream I will not stop pursuing.

~Dr. Hany Samirr

Improving the lives of people in the United States affected by neuromuscular conditions.

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