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Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)


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We create assistive devices to aid those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries in functional activities associated with home, community, and work.


Abilitech™ Medical, Inc. is developing a suite of assistive devices, that will impact three important patient needs:

  • Physical - completion of many activities of daily living that provide users with greater independence.

  • Social/Emotional - Increase the ability to participate and engage in family or community activities that foster important social and emotional connections and restore a sense of independence. 

  • Economic - Increased independence decreases the reliance on a Personal Care Attendant, in some cases allows a patient to return to or stay in the workforce, and/or remain in an independent living situation longer.

Abilitech’s product portfolio will include a shoulder and elbow assist device (Abilitech™ Assist), a powered handgrip device (Abilitech™ Grip) and a fully robotic, voice-controlled arm and hand assist device (Abilitech™ APEX).  These products will address the needs of a vast array of people with varying degrees of upper extremity limitations. 

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We put people first. Through collaboration with our patients, caregivers, clinicians and scientific advisors, we collect and integrate diverse feedback. Working together as one, we build meaningful clinical devices and provide continued education and support to the patients we serve.

Passion, care, and integrity drive our mission - to restore independence to the hundreds of thousands impacted by neuromuscular weakness in their arms to provide a transformational change in quality of life for our patients, their families, and caregivers. We aim to have a physical, social and economic impact on the lives of our patients.

Committed to innovative excellence with a first in class, agile team that uses technology, clinical data and insight to develop meaningful solutions to substantial problems. We collaborate with patients and clinical partners to transform ideas into groundbreaking devices that drive value for patients, clinicians

and investors. 

We are committed to generating real world clinical evidence to guide excellence in patient care and product development, support reimbursement, and to reduce the overall cost of treating patients.  Our digital health platform will deliver and optimize patient outcomes to advance care and generate enterprise-wide value.



Assists patients with extremely limited hand function.



Aims to restore functional independence to patients who have lost movement of their arms.

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